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Purely handmade art on wood natural material and transform into all kinds of vivid art pieces.

China’s five major folk crafts dying slowly

With the continuous advancement and development of society,  many ancient traditional art will be slowly replaced. Although this is a historical trend, we feel pity for those things that are disappearing. After all, it  existed for thousands of years. Today, let’s take a look at some of the traditional craftsmanship of the Chinese folks that […]

The 3 best wall decor ideas for living room

wood artwork for walls

Wall decoration is an important part of home design. It not only brings visual pleasure, but also has practical functions. The different spaces in the home have different requirements for the wall design, so the decorative protagonists in each space are naturally different. Your own paintings, family photos, and small items with special features can […]

What is the role and value of crafts

Answer 1: Traces – traces of handmade products.  why do people like these traces?  it is because these hand-made traces are difficult to pre-design, there are many uncertain factors and many imperfections, and excellent hand-makers can control these traces just right, making them extremely It enriches the beauty of the craft itself. Answer 2: If […]

Dramatic horse driftwood sculpture

horse driftwood sculpture

How to make driftwood horse sculptures? Today we gana to share with you some driftwood artwork from British artistst Heather-Janes —the sculpture made of driftwood with the size of a real horse. From a distance, there is almost no difference between these sculpture horses and real horses. It seems that the horse just wandering at […]

What is driftwood and where does it come from

driftwood art for sale

Everyone who loves the sea will fall in love with the driftwood lying quietly on the beach. They may not have the same colorful colors and complex patterns as shells and stones; however, after careful selection and transformation, driftwood can also transform into a natural wood art piece to help you decorate every day of […]

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